What is the effect of a bad air flow sensor in a car?

The damage of the air flow sensor will affect the power performance of the engine, such as unstable idle speed, “backfire” of the intake pipe, poor acceleration, and black smoke from the exhaust pipe, etc., and also lead to excessive exhaust emissions.

The air flow meter is the sensor of the EFI engine, which is only one of the important sensors. Convert the intake air flow into an electrical signal, and then transmit it to the electronic control unit. It is not only a basic signal for determining the amount of fuel injection, but also a sensor for measuring the number of intake engines.

Vehicle flow is to calculate and measure the intake air volume of the engine, that is, to convert a quantitative information of the intake air of the engine into an electronic signal and send it to the ECU. It is a sensor, and the engine calculates the fuel injection amount of the engine according to the data.

One of the faults of the air flow sensor is that the signal exceeds the specified range, which means that the air flow sensor fails. The new energy vehicles developed now have a failsafe function. When a certain sensor fails, the electronic control unit will also have a fixed value to replace it, and there will also be a sensor signal to replace the faulty sensor signal.

Post time: May-11-2022