15 years of sensor technology research and development team;
It can be developed forward or reverse;
Computer three-dimensional aided design;
Finite element analysis PEA;
Prototype design, verification, technical analysis;
Prototype performance test and verification/first batch approval;
Verify PPAP;
Performance experiment of various comprehensive indexes;
EMC electromagnetic compatibility test;

Experimental projects that can be completed within the company R&D platform:
High and low temperature experiment.
Salt spray experiment.
Constant temperature and humidity experiment.
MAF durability experiment.
SENSOR dynamic high and low temperature experiment.
High and low temperature Shock impact experiment.
SENSOR durability experiment.
MAF dynamic high and low temperature experiment.
Drop experiment.
Key size projection capture data.
Simulated car vibration experiment.
Three-dimensional vibration experiment.
Wire durability experiment.
Tension experiment.
High pressure sealing experiment.
High pressure shock impact experiment.
Installation IP experiment.
Chemical resistance experiment.