What are the symptoms of a broken ABS sensor?

The symptoms of a broken ABS sensor are: 1. It cannot prevent the tire from locking during emergency braking, which is a safety hazard; 2. The ABS fault light will light up and the brake pads cannot be reset.

The reasons for the broken ABS sensor are: 1. ABS wheel speed sensor failure; 2. ABS circuit connection failure; 3. ABS control unit programming failure; 4. ABS master cylinder failure.

The function of the ABS sensor is: 1. Give full play to the effectiveness of the brake, shorten the braking time and distance; 2. It can effectively prevent the vehicle from sliding and flicking during emergency braking, and has good driving stability; 3. It can be used in emergency braking. Steering when moving, with good steering maneuverability; 4. It can avoid the violent friction between the tire and the ground and reduce the wear of the tire.

Post time: Nov-24-2021